The AIM Difference

Custom Routing

AIM can completely customize a routing strategy to meet your needs. We have the FLEXIBILITY to special route by country or even by specific address. Unlike other "off-the-shelf" services, AIM can provide tailored distribution SOLUTIONS to consistently and reliably service all areas of the world.

While some companies are either owned or affiliated with a national post office, AIM is American owned and completely INDEPENDENT. For our clients, this means there is no bias when it comes to choosing routing options that best fit their particular needs. In choosing routing options, AIM draws on it's in-depth knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of each delivery method. This knowledge is gained only through testing.

Without thorough TESTING, there can be no basis to make informed decisions with regard to what services perform best to various geographic regions. AIM performs extensive weekly testing of numerous postal options to various countries around the world. The results are compiled and analyzed to provide the information necessary to make informed routing decisions.

Value Added Services Can Save Time and Money

  • Address Correction Service Visibly deficient addresses are inspected, corrected, on-forwarded, and a copy is faxed or mailed back to you at no additional cost. This helps ensure timely delivery, allows you to update your address files immediately and saves on labor and postage mailing to the same deficient address time and again.
  • Customized Invoicing & Chargeback Reports Including immediate billing - so you can immediately chargeback your customer or department.
  • Automatic Upgrades to courier or first class for heavy-weighted items at little to no added cost.
  • On-Site Assistance For Heavy Volume mailers. AIM will place an employee on-site to help process mail, saving you labor cost and freeing up your associates to perform other tasks.
  • Secure On-Line invoicing
  • Management Reports
  • Address Hygiene Service
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